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Related article: Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 13:49:26 -0700 (PDT) From: Jon D Subject: After the Kiss - 6Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and as such is a product of my imagination, not real life. It will include descriptions of sexual situations between young friends, but no real boy's were involved.If material of this kind offends you or you are not age eighteen or older, then please stop reading Nifty and find some other site. All others please enjoy! You are welcome to send comments or story ideas to Playbuddy123yahoo.comAfter the KissChapter 6The magic moment ended when Devon made a face, quickly followed by, "Yuuuck!" as he held up his cum-slick hand. "Man, you really blew a load."Hunter blushed. "Yeah, I guess. But it was awesome." He chuckled.Devon spread his fingers and a glob of the stuff dripped down and fell to the floor. "Wait here," He stood and pulled his pants up with his clean hand. "I'll get a rag."Hunter was still lying on his back. He closed his eyes and thought about how incredible it was to have just jerked off with Devon. He decided that one of the parts he liked best was the kissing. Hunter felt his cock twitch when he remembered how wicked Devon's tongue had felt the first time he had pushed it into his mouth. He'd almost creamed right then and there. It felt sexy, naughty, and wonderful, all at the same time. "Definitely have to do that again," he thought.It wasn't long before Devon hurried back into the room. "Here," he said and tossed Hunter a damp washcloth.Hunter caught it in mid-air and quickly started to wipe his chest and hands."Don't forget your dick," Devon laughed.When he had finished, Hunter held the rag up as if to ask, "now what?"Devon nodded toward the middle of the floor.Hunter smiled and gave it a toss.Devon settled back down next to Hunter and snuggled close. The boys stared at one another."That was so fucking hot," Devon finally whispered with a playful smile."Yeah, pretty amazing," Hunter agreed."Want to do it again sometime?"Hunter smiled. "You really like jerking, don't you?"Devon didn't need to answer; it was obvious that he did. "Yeah, but this was, like, the best ever!"The boys grinned at one another as if sharing a private joke.Hunter couldn't imagine things could be any better. Devon was lying next to him after a great cum. He'd never felt this happy before.But then Devon surprised him and leaned close. It was obvious he wanted another kiss.Hunter closed his eyes and Devon gently touched his lips with his. Hunter moaned softly. As the kiss went on, Hunter opened his mouth, offering Devon more.Devon took the hint and tenderly pushed his tongue inside.It was perfect, the kiss of Hunter's dreams. Hunter's whole body relaxed as he gave himself over to the wonderful feeling of being made love to by another boy.When the kiss finally ended Hunter looked up; Devon's eyes were twinkling.Both boys giggled.* * * *"Devon! Get up! You're going to be late for lessons," Mrs. Samuels called from the bottom of the stairs.Devon stirred but didn't answer.About a minute later he heard footsteps on the stairs. They stopped outside his room."I said, it's late!" his mom called a second time, accompanied by a couple of pounds of her fist to his door."Ugh," Devon finally responded. "Okay, Okay.""And tell Hunter he needs to call his mom after we get to the pool."Reluctantly Devon went to the door and opened it.Mrs. Samuels broke into a smile and shook her head. Devon knew he must look a mess. He always did in the morning. His mop of unruly hair, his sagging sleep pants, and thread bare T-Shirt created a look as if he had been up all night; even if he'd slept a full eight hours.Hunter was by the bed getting dressed. He was bent over and his bare butt was showing as he searched for his underpants.Mrs. Samuels chuckled.Devon looked over his shoulder. "Geez, Hunter, you're mooning my mom!""Crap!" Hunter mumbled, snatched up his undies, and hopped around on one foot as he hurriedly tried to pull them on. "Sorry.""Nothing I haven't seen before," Mrs. Samuels grinned. "I'll be waiting in the car."* * * *Swim lessons went fine and Hunter was becoming much more comfortable in the water. He was also much more comfortable with the idea that he liked boys, and that definitely included Devon.A couple of times Hunter got a curious look from his brother Jordon, no doubt wondering how his sleepover at Devon's house had gone. Hunter couldn't wait to tell him what had happened.* * * *Hunter took a quick look inside the shower room as he and Devon headed to their lockers to get undressed. It was a little more crowded than usual."You gonna wear your swim suit in there again?" Devon teased as he dialed the combination on the padlock that secured his locker."Are you?" Hunter grinned."Nah uh, this time I'm going bare ass."Hunter laughed.Hunter and Devon were playful and a little flirty in the shower, but they took care not to let things get out of hand. There were too many people in the shower and Hunter didn't want anybody to guess what the boys had going on."Shit," Hunter cursed under his breath as a heavily muscled fifteen year old walked in and pushed a smaller kid out from under the showerhead he'd been using and got under it himself. It was the same bully who had caused trouble before. The neighborhood kids had sarcastically started to call him "Thor" because he seemed to like to pound things."What you looking at?" Thor challenged when Devon gave him a quick look."Nothing," Devon whispered.Hunter hoped that would be the end of it, but somehow knew it wouldn't."You better not," Thor snorted. "Don't like anybody looking at my shit.""Not like you got anything to look at anyway," Devon mumbled.The bigger kid turned toward Devon with a fiery look in his eyes. "What'd you just say?"Hunter hoped Devon would keep quiet. He didn't like where things were heading."I said, you've got a little prick, you asshole!"The big kid glared at Devon."Is that why you push around little kids? To make up for not having a dick worth looking at?"Thor headed for Devon."No!" Hunter yelled and rushed to get between them."Get out of the way, cocksucker," Thor hissed and took a step closer, "Or I'll kick your little faggoty ass after I get done with pretty boy here!" he glared at Devon."You leave Hunter alone!" Devon yelled, his voice firm and menacing.Ignoring Devon, Thor reached out and grabbed Hunter by the hair and yanked. Hunter yelped as he was dragged out from in front of Devon and pushed to the side. Hunter tried to pry Thor's hand off of his head, but the bigger kid had a firm grip and held him at arm's length as Hunter struggled to free himself.Hunter whined in frustration. It was clear he wasn't going to be able to keep Thor Lolita Toplist Bbs away from Devon.Thor gave Hunter's head a shove and Lolita Toplist Bbs the younger boy stumbled a few feet away.A moment later, Hunter heard a sickening thud. He turned just in time to see Devon keel forward, both hands reaching for his belly."No!" Hunter screamed, his voice now high pitched and girly.Thor's second punch came from the right and landed smack against the side of Devon's face near his eye. Thor followed with one more to the kid's mouth.By this time Hunter was screaming wildly. The other kids in the shower had scattered and were exiting as fast as they could.Just when Hunter thought Devon was going to get another pounding, a pair of solid arms wrapped themselves around the fifteen year old and pulled him off the smaller boy.Jordan was red in the face with anger. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he grunted as he lifted Thor off his feet and swung him toward the door.The bully struggled, but he was outclassed. Four years of hockey and forty pounds of mostly muscle put Jordon comfortably ahead. The dumb ass wasn't going to get away.Seconds later, two more lifeguards showed up and hauled the still struggling kid off toward the lockers.By then, Devon had fallen to his knees and was bent over holding his stomach. Blood ran from a cut on his lip and a red splotch on his face promised to turn into a nasty bruise."Help him," Hunter sobbed as he gave his brother a pleading look. Tears were streaming down his face.Jordan knelt down next to Devon and very gently lifted his chin. "How bad are you hurt?" he asked softly.Devon coughed and spit some blood onto the floor. He looked as if he was about to answer when his face grew pale. He gave Jordan a bewildered look, his eyes rolled back, and he passed out.* * * *The scream of the siren set Hunter's teeth on edge. He and Jordon were following the ambulance as it raced to the hospital. Hunter had begged the ambulance guys to let him ride along with Devon, but they had refused. Jordon offered to drive and they were off.Hunter couldn't stop playing the scene over and over in his mind. Jordan had carried Devon out of the shower and laid him on the locker room floor. One of the other lifeguards called 9-1-1, while a third ran for a blanket. They gently covered Devon and put a soft towel under his head. Then they all waited in fear.The EMT guys had arrived quickly; the pool was less than two minutes from their station. They jumped into action checking Devon's heart, lungs, blood pressure, and looking for anything that might be broken. Devon had barely moved. Then they had strapped him onto a gurney, put an oxygen mask over his nose and mouth, and had wheeled him out."Is he going be all right?" Hunter sobbed; the tears now non-stop.The EMT gave Hunter an encouraging look, but didn't stop to answer.A few minutes later they arrived outside the ER.Things were a blur for Hunter. Devon was lifted out of the ambulance and wheeled inside. He and Jordan were directed to a waiting area. A nurse showed up a little later to ask some questions about what had happened. She told them Devon was doing okay, but Hunter wasn't sure he believed her.Jordan hugged him and eventually Hunter stopped crying. In his brother's strong arms he finally felt safe."Did you call the cops on that kid?" Hunter sniffed and looked up."Ana said she'd do it.""Will they lock him up?""I don't know." Jordan shook his head. "But he won't cause trouble around the pool again. You can Lolita Toplist Bbs bet on that."Mrs. Samuels arrived about thirty minutes later and was hurried into the back so she could see her son.It was almost another half an hour before she came out."How is he?" Hunter asked anxiously."Pretty banged up." She sat down. "What happened? They said something about a fight.""There's been a bully hanging around the pool. I don't know what set him off, but he took it out on Devon," Jordan explained."I tried to protect him," Hunter whispered. "But he grabbed me by the hair and pushed me away."Jordan looked at his brother. "That son of a bitch pushed you around, too?"Hunter gave Jordan a sad look.There was a tense moment as Jordan seemed to struggle to hold back his anger."He didn't hurt me much," Hunter offered, hoping it would help.It was quiet for a few seconds."He's been asking about you," Mrs. Samuels smiled at Hunter tenderly."He has?""He wanted to know if you were all right.""Did you tell him I'm okay?""No, I wasn't sure what happened. Why don't you go tell him yourself?" Mrs. Samuels wiped a tear from the corner of her eye.Hunter looked at Jordon for permission."Come on, I'll go with you," Jordon answered softly.* * * *Hunter peeked around the closed curtain before stepping into the space. Devon's head was turned to the side. His eyes were closed. Hunter tip toed closer, not wanting to wake him.Just as he got to the bed Devon turned in his direction and opened his eyes. He looked like he wasn't quite with it, like he was drugged."How you doing?" Hunter whispered.Devon shrugged.Hunter stepped closer and reached for Devon's hand.Devon smiled a little when Hunter gave him their super secret hand shake.The boy's looked into each other's eyes for almost a full minute. Then Devon started to cry."What?" Hunter choked."It hurt so bad," Devon sobbed.Hunter stepped closer, he didn't care that Jordon was right there and watching. He leaned down and put his arms around Devon as best he could in an effort to comfort him. He whispered in Devon's ear, and then, gave him an ever so gentle kiss.* * * *"This is getting a little complicated," Jordan said softly as he and Hunter walked out the hospital doors toward the parking lot."What do you mean?""I just saw you kiss a boy back there, that's what I mean.""You knew I liked him.""Yeah, but I never thought I'd see you, you know, do something like that."They reached the truck."I just had to let him know what I was feeling." Hunter looked up at his brother and Jordon put out his arms. Hunter snuggled against him."How close are you to telling mom and dad you like boys?"Hunter pulled back and gave his brother a sheepish grin. "I think it's gonna be awhile.""Great," Jordan sighed, "just great."* * * *After three days, Hunter knew his way to Devon's room from the lobby without any help. The pediatric wing was in a corner of the eighth floor and Devon's room was the last one on the left. Hunter thought the space ship themed hallways and art work was a little corny but he decided it was better than the farm animals and circus clowns he'd seen in some of the little kid's rooms.Devon's mom had to work days, so Hunter made it his job to get to the hospital just after lunch and stay the afternoon. Lolita Toplist Bbs The nurses let him hang out in the sun room for the hour that was "quiet time" when the kid's were supposed to rest between two and three."When are they going to let you go home?" Hunter asked after their second video game."Maybe in a couple of days. The doctor Lolita Toplist Bbs said I was doing better.""Did you stop peeing blood?""Yeah," Devon blushed."Still have that tube in your dick?""They took it out this morning. Man, that fucker hurt when they pulled it out of there!"Hunter chuckled."Just see what it feels like if they ever do it to you!" Devon pouted.Hunter looked at his friend. Devon's eye was still a bit puffy. The bruise on the side of his face was now multi-colored. His lip had needed a couple of stitches and it too was puffy, but the swelling was going down.Hunter turned the game off and sat in the chair next to the bed. It was quiet for a minute."I need to tell you something," Hunter finally whispered."What?""When you were in the ER, you were kind of out of it.""Yeah, I don't remember a thing that happened before I woke up here the next day.""Well, when you were down there, Jordan and I came to see you.""So?" Devon shrugged."So," Hunter paused, "he saw me kiss you.""You kissed me?""Yeah, and Jordan saw everything.""What did he say?" Devon asked softly."He knows I like you."Devon lay back and closed his eyes. "So, that means our mom's are going to find out, huh?""Not for a while. Jordon won't tell."Devon opened his eyes and stared at Hunter. "It doesn't matter, you know they're gonna find out sometime.""Yeah, I guess."The boys looked at one another a moment."You okay with that?" Devon asked softly."Yeah," Hunter answered, and then smiled. "I wasn't before, but I am now.""Cool," Devon grinned. "I can't wait to have another sleepover!" he giggled.* * * *A little more than three weeks had gone by and a lot had happened. Hunter looked at the seat next to him to where Devon was busily playing with Hunter's Nintendo 3DS. Devon had gotten out of the hospital after a five day stay. Because Mrs. Samuels still had to go to work, the Thompson's had offered to let Devon spend the days at their house.Hunter had been disappointed to learn his mom wouldn't set aside his swim lessons, so he had to go to the pool every morning just as Devon arrived. The best they could manage was the afternoons together.The Thompson's annual vacation had been fast approaching which, Hunter knew, would further complicate things. Hunter hadn't been looking forward to it. The trip to their condo in Cancun would mean ten days away from Devon. But then Hunter had caught a break. Jordon had decided it wouldn't be right for him to ask for time off and leave his summer job to go on a trip. So, with a little charm and a little begging, Hunter had managed to talk his folks into letting him invite Devon. It had been another thing to convince Devon's mom. Finally, she too had agreed.Hunter had had a hard on ever since. All he could think about was sharing a room with Devon for ten whole nights. Now they were aboard the plane and half way there. The cabin was getting darker as evening approached.Hunter shifted in his seat and adjusted the lump between his legs. As he did, Devon looked in his Lolita Toplist Bbs direction.Both boys smiled."Got a problem?" Devon giggled softly.Hunter took a quick look around and then put his hand back down there and made a show of feeling himself up.Devon snickered."I think I have to go to the bathroom," Hunter chuckled and reached for his seatbelt."Have fun." Devon's eyes were twinkling."Want to come with me?" Hunter giggled.Devon's jaw dropped.Hunter hoped it was a dare Devon couldn't resist."You serious?" Devon whispered with a mischievous look.Hunter was already on his feet. He put one knee onto his seat, spread his legs a bit and pawed his crotch."Fuck," Devon smiled.The boys tried to look as casual as they could as they made their way to the back of the plane. Hunter's mom had given them a glance, but Hunter had pointed toward the restroom sign and she had gone back to reading her book."Wait here," Hunter whispered when they reached the last row. Thankfully there wasn't anyone sitting that far back.Devon Lolita Toplist Bbs sat down and turned to look as Hunter opened the lavatory door."Wait a couple of minutes and, when no one's looking, come in," Hunter said very, very softly.Devon's grin was ear-to-ear.Hunter looked inside and was surprised at how little room there was between the toilet and the door. He stepped in and closed the door behind him, but didn't lock it. "Now what?" he thought as he looked around.A minute later there was a soft tap and the door opened a crack. Hunter motioned Devon to come inside.Devon stepped in and there was just barely enough room for both boys to stand."Lock the door," Hunter whispered.Devon twisted around and pulled the lever, sliding the lock into place.That's when the giggles started. Neither Hunter nor Devon could stop. Just when one would get serious, the other would break out laughing, and then it was the other way around."Okay, okay," Hunter finally managed to shush Devon up long enough so they could talk."How we going to do this?" Devon snickered.Hunter popped the button at the top of his jeans and pulled his zipper down."What if somebody comes back here?" Devon shot him a worried look.Hunter shrugged.Both boys thought a moment.Devon popped the button on his jeans and unzipped as well. Then he turned his head slightly and leaned in for a kiss. As their lips touched, Devon wrapped his arm around Hunter and held him close, while he wormed his other hand deep into Hunter's pants.Hunter felt Devon's fingers wrap around his cock and give it a determined stroke. By that time Devon's tongue was exploring the inside of Hunter's mouth and the two were grunting with the good feelings.Hunter wiggled his fingers under the waistband of Devon's boxers and past the wisp of hair just above his penis. He found that Devon was not only hard, but he was already making a bit of pre-cum. Hunter circled his thumb over the knob spreading the moisture over the whole tip. Devon moaned. Then Hunter gave the shaft a tug, followed by a few strokes.They kissed deeply for a couple of minutes as they jerked each other's cocks. Their hands grew bolder as the kiss went on.Finally Hunter pulled back and took in a hurried breath of air. The two looked into one another's eyes but didn't stop what they were doing. They each had a hand on a cock and neither wanted to let go. The tension was building.Hunter's heart was pounding. He loved the feel of Devon's hand on his dick and wanted him to know it. He pushed forward a couple of times; hoping Devon would get the message. Apparently he did, because he tightened his grip. Hunter groaned and thrust into Lolita Toplist Bbs his hand again.Devon's breathing was speeding up and his face was growing pink.It seemed as if both boys wanted more.Suddenly, Devon stopped and pulled his hand out of Hunter's pants. Hurriedly reaching for Hunter, he grabbed the waistband of his jeans and clumsily pushed them down to his knees. A second later he tugged Hunter's underpants down as well. Hunter grunted as his cock popped up. Quickly he did the same to Devon's.As he was pushing Devon's pants down, Devon reached around him and grabbed for Hunter's ass. He immediately started feeling him up and kneading the soft globes of his rear end. As he groped Hunter's rear, Devon hungrily pushed his cock against Hunter's.Hunter reached down and took both dicks into his hand. As Devon pawed his cheeks, Hunter stroked their cocks. Devon seemed to be getting really worked up, he started to pump in and out."Fuck," Hunter whimpered in Devon's ear. "This feels so damn good," he thought as he pulled on both cocks at the same time.Devon groaned and thrust against him a couple of more times."Oh," Devon grunted and pulled Hunter's ass toward him. Their crotches ground together, their cocks standing tall.Hunter felt his cum rising. "Gonna shoot," he whimpered rubbing against Devon.Devon thrust forward two or three times and tightened the grip on his ass cheeks.That was all it took and Hunter was squirting one hot volley after another. "Fuck, fuck," he grunted.Devon held him close as wave after wave washed over Hunter. His legs grew weak. But Devon's hands on his ass held him up. He shuddered after the last spurt. Then he desperately reached down to milk out a few more drops. Seconds later, he leaned against Devon as his orgasm faded.Devon eased his hips back just enough that he could get a good grip, then furiously started to pump himself. He aimed his dick at Hunter's lower belly and raced to finish. Hunter put his arms around Devon when he sensed his friend was close and rubbed his back to encourage him. A few moans, a grunt, and Devon's eyes fluttered.Hunter felt three splashes of gooey warm cream squirt over the top of his cock and into his pubes. Devon didn't stop there, he jerked until he was totally drained. From the feel of things, there was cum everywhere.Just then, the plane bounced and the boys were knocked a little off balance.Turbulence, Hunter thought.They fell against each other as the plane tilted slightly.Devon opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around Hunter. The two stood there a moment, wet crotch to wet crotch, gazing into each other's eyes. Then, they both smiled.Hunter took a half step back and looked down at the mess of cum smeared over both of them."Need a paper towel?" Hunter giggled.Devon laughed.After cleaning up, the boy's pulled up their pants and zipped up.Hunter wrapped his arms around Devon's neck one more time and gave him a quick little kiss. "Thanks," he grinned, "that was fun!"Devon smiled and pulled him into a hug. Then he reached around for Hunter's ass again."What's with your hands on my butt?" Hunter teased.Devon's eyes twinkled.Before Devon could answer, there was firm knock on the bathroom door."Shit!" both boys said at almost the same time.* * * *
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